Hannah with new hair! DAY 29/31 March SOL

Today, I am writing a biopoem which I discovered from fellow writers.



Optimistic, caring, hard-working

Lover of my boyfriend and cat, reading, having fun, walking outside, and teaching

Who wonders how some worlds can have so much struggle while others are so fortunate

Who fears heights and not being successful in the job I love

Who cares about animals, what happens to ones she loves, too much about others’ opinions

Who dreams of being able to travel the world without money concerns, and teaching abroad

Who resides in the rainy city of a state on the West Coast



personal day 21, started late! (going to complete all 31, just on my own in April)


6 thoughts on “Hannah with new hair! DAY 29/31 March SOL

  1. One of the best things about #SOLChallenge is learning from fellow slicers. We learn about one another, but also new structures and ideas. Great post this morning! I can tell so much about you from so few words!

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  2. Way to go. I have asked my kids to do these, but have not done one myself in a while. Poetry is so important. I can already feel your passion and you will be successful in a job you love. LMK if you want comments in April. I will continue to do the Tuesday Challenge for SOL I will click to follow you…

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