Lethargic, lazy, and lackadaisical! DAY 30/31 March SOL

This post is written as the competing voices in my head, related to lesson planning for next week. Enjoy!


“Ok, Hannah. You gave yourself the weekend to relax. Now it’s time to slowly start planning like you told Nathan and your parents.”

“Planning? Meh. Let’s have some fun with Nathan and watch shows until bed!”

“*sigh* Alright, so we missed one day of planning this week. Not a big deal. As long as you start today. Then you have 6 days until school starts!”

“Watching games of thrones and doodling to music is the best! I suppose I should shower now before passing out.”

“Hannah. You really should start today. Nathan mentioned needing to work on some things, so you can work on your stuff as well. 5 days of gentle planning.”

“My workout was so refreshing! I need some food and going to watch bake-off while making my March playlist. Nathan went out last-minute to a show. He’s not working, neither am I :p”

“It’s Thursday tomorrow. You now have four nights after Kindercare to get this next week sorted out. Game face on right when you get back.”

“Ugh.! I suppose you’re right. I’ll feel better and less stressed once I start mentally preparing by lesson planning. *sobs*”

(Made this comic strip  – Nathan has some good ideas :o)

motivation post


personal day 22, started late! (going to do all 31 days on my own in April)

8 thoughts on “Lethargic, lazy, and lackadaisical! DAY 30/31 March SOL

  1. When break starts, the days ahead seem so long, easy to put the planning away for another day. Love the dialog and your cartoon shows it beautifully. Thanks for the laugh today! Good luck with April, too!

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  2. Sounds like me when I’m about to start a major project… 🙂 And then in the midst of the work, I’m wishing I had just one more day.

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      1. … Hmmm, could be “lack of motivation” is a state that causes postponement and, hence, the sly partner of procrastination. … 🙂 Sorry, I’m just playing around with words . What do I really think? We all have too many irons in the fire (gotta know about blacksmithing to get the full meaning of that idiom). Have a wonderful evening!

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