Music for the Month of March DAY 31/31 March SOL

Every month for a year, I have been picking the top 12 songs that I listened to! Some are new from podcasts or concerts, and some are long-loved songs that came on shuffle that month. I was inspired by the many poems intertwining names of blogs or blog posts today. Here is my poem with 12 song titles that made it this month ūüôā [The titles reminded me of romance when I looked at them altogether]

Oh, Lita Ruta, how my love for you grows strong.

With your astonishing beauty, you set my heart on fire.

We have grown up together and been friends since the juicebox baby days.

Through all the chaos and on off tendencies, we have experienced so much.

I remember when we used to go to parties and hum along and dance together until

       the morning sun brightened the dark night sky. 

My favorite night had a New Medieval theme, where you were my queen of the    

       westside and I, your jester, hoping to be king.

Now as I sit next to you, with my hand by your hand, I must tell you how I feel.

You have been loved by me since the day I knew what my emotions meant.

I know you will never hold me close, but since we go our separate ways, I needed

       you to understand.

I may not keep in touch, as I cannot stand the heartbreak. However, I will always

       have your last known surroundings in my mind.


Top 12 Songs for March!

“Lita Ruta” Shugo Tokumaru

“Heart on Fire” Jens Lekman

“Juicebox baby” The Regrettes

“Chaos” Sundays and Cybele

“On off” Maggie Rogers

“Hum along and dance”

“New Medieval” Thor & friends

“Queen of the westside” Brett Dennen

“By your hand” Los Campesinos

“You have been loved” Sia

“Hold me close” Overcoats

“Last known surroundings” Explosions in the sky




personal day 23, started late! (going to do complete the rest of 31 days on my own in April)


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