Pesto through the eyes of Patches *Finishing March 1/8 left*

solI know the March SOL has finished since it is now April, BUT I started 8 days late into the challenge of blogging for 31 days. So I want to complete my 31 straight days on my own! This is day 1 of 8 leftover April posts. 


Pesto through the eyes of Patches

“Hmm..there is a plate left on the table. I wonder what it is.” *sniff sniff*

“I normally don’t like the food Hannah eats, but this smells so different! Something about it is drawing me in. I must try it.” (licks plate) 

“Ooh! That was so good! There is some white stuff and a green thing that are quite delicious! My taste buds are going crazy. I have tingles of cheese and some sauce and possibly remnants of pastry?”

“Hannah appears to be laughing at me quietly. Why does my eating amuse her? I don’t laugh when she eats dinner.”

“I must try the green and white stuff again.” (licks plate again) “MMMM…still good!”

“Hannah is laughing again, but reaching towards me to get away from the plate. NO!! It must be some forbidden people food!”

“I overheard Hannah and Nathan talking after they removed the plate and goff me off the table – she said something about me liking pesto and a cheese called Mat-so-rela.

“I must meow for some pesto and Mat-so-rela, instead of wet food on occasion. That was quite a treat!”

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