Fun find for Oregon Tribes! *Finishing March 2/8 left*


I know the March SOL has finished since it is now April, BUT I started 8 days late into the challenge of blogging for 31 days. So I want to complete my 31 straight days on my own! This is day 2 of the 8 remaining April posts. 

I had a fun, but busy last day of Spring Break down at the coast. So I am writing a quick post before falling asleep! As a substitute and regular teacher, I enjoy adding interactive games that are also educational. While I was planning for the upcoming social studies unit, I found a fun game (free on :o) that connects with the first lesson, which is about the Beringia Land Bridge – the strip of land that allowed people to travel from Siberia to Alaska as they followed the animals. The students play in groups of 3-4 and get to be the Native Americans travelling to the New World. There are different spaces that have struggles on them, which might send you back to the start. I think it will be an exciting addition to the curriculum activities 🙂

beringia land bridge game

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