Oh, woe is me!



She has disappeared from my sights! Why did she shut the door to the huge cozy place I lay my head? I must let her know that she left me out here!



Now, I am being told “SHHH” by him. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. I want to get in there to cuddle with her in the dark! 



He is picking me up and saying “Shh.”

I have been moved away from the door.

Hmm…. I do not like this new routine of keeping me from the comfy place.


Wait! I seem to remember that this happened last time it got dark outside as well.

Think back to each step:

  1. She disappears behind the door.

  2. I cannot penetrate it.

  3. I let her know with all my might.

  4. I am told to “Shh.”

  5. He moves me and calms me down. 

  6. Eventually, I fall asleep on the softest blue blanket in the house.


  7. I wake up and he has also gone behind the door.

  8. I have learned to stay quiet for as long as I can.

  9. Hunger for wet food sets in.

  10. I let her know I need breakfast the only way I know how


  11. She emerges! AND stays out with me, getting ready for her day!

  12. She leaves behind the darker door.

  13. I move back to the door that blocks my cozy place, and “MOW.”


  14. He is slower to come to my rescue.

  15. But eventual success is upon me.

    patchy (1)

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