Mind on my money *Slice of Life Tuesday*

“Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind!” (Gin and Juice -Snoop Dogg)


Money money money

Makes the world go around.

But don’t you take my money – 

I’m in need 

Of that clinking clanking sound

And all the things I could do.

Everybody tells me (so)

Yea she’s a trifling friend indeed!

Must be funny in a rich man’s world 

Where you can’t buy me love.

The idea for the poem above came to me when I was thinking that my cat might need to go to the vet. I think he will be fine without a visit, but it got me irritated because it might have been ANOTHER unexpected expense. I was lying in bed and starting singing “money money money..must be funny in a rich man’s world” as well as “money make the world go around, the world go around.” It got me thinking about doing a post using different songs about money. I intertwined the lyrics of “Money money money” (ABBA), “Money makes the world go around” (Cabaret), “Gold digger” (Kanye west), and “Can’t buy me love” (Beatles) to demonstrate my view on money at the moment.


I have been thinking a lot about money lately. Most of my income goes straight to paying bills and student loans, which means there is little wiggle room for emergencies or spending on myself. This month, I have to pay for a parking ticket and towing (stupid neighbors and the driveway measurement)…as well as some fingerprinting so my teaching license can be transferred to another state. Why does everything have to cost $100 or more (when it is boring old bills and such)? Some fun things like flights also cost a lot, and it just makes it difficult to balance planning a trip and sudden spending, when I have a good budget for my bills. Life is just too complicated when it comes to balance. I am great at sticking to not spending much on myself and just doing the basics of groceries, student loan payments, rent, etc – but it does get dull! And there are always other necessary things popping up (like the license transfer and fingerprints). But as they say in Cabaret, “money makes the world go around”


“Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind!” (Gin and Juice -Snoop Dogg)


4 thoughts on “Mind on my money *Slice of Life Tuesday*

  1. I ❤️ Your Blog!!!

    Thinking of all of the exciting adventures your future holds. So many opportunities await you.

    Money on My Mind by Sam Smith is the 1st song that pops into my head. Of course, Abba’s Money, Money, Money is a favorite.

    Liked by 1 person

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