A record of records #RSD17

If you are big on collecting vinyl, you are probably aware that this past weekend was Record Store Day! I went with my dad, and was successful in snagging what I wanted from the HUGE list of releases. On Friday night, we printed out the list and meticulously looked for anything we knew we wanted, that stood out as interesting, or that would be difficult to get another day. It was cool to see my dad getting really into the labeling of why we marked a record, so we would know during the search whether a record was worth it. I was only interested in a few things this time because there were a lot of releases I had never heard of (and my budget was quite low, which meant I wasn’t grabbing every unique thing). After I had memorized the names of the records I wanted and we had trolled through the list a few times to be sure everything we marked, we were ready to venture to record stores!

RSD pics (1)


Up bright and early the next morning, we went to the first local record shop that we knew shouldn’t be crazy busy. Within the first few minutes, I had grabbed 3 of the 4 records that I wanted 😮 (Sara and Tegan, Sia spotify sessions, and Bollywood)

I love Tegan and Sara, and knew I wanted their new release anyway – but what turned out to be really great was that they were first called “Sara and Tegan” and it was NEVER put onto vinyl!

RSD pics (4)

It is unfortunate that Sia was forced to be commercialized if she still wanted to make music, and I am not a huge fan of the pop music she is now putting out. HOWEVER, since it is her live Spotify sessions, I thought it should be a bit more raw than just one of the top 40 records. Also, if I’m being honest, “Chandelier” is a fun party tune!

RSD pics (6)

The Bollywood series intrigued me 🙂 It is a compilation of artists from the 1970s Bollywood era. Record Store Day had many other compilations, like Delta Blues, and I just thought this one looked the most interesting. My dad also mentioned that the Rough Guide compilations (which Delta Blues is from) are often sold weeks later.

RSD pics (5)

Continuing on with the journey..

I started searching for other records on the list to help my dad out with his mass. Once we thought we had done the best at gathering goods, we paid and headed to the next local shop. This setup was much busier, but organized – there was a line in which you followed and would grab records you wanted as you went. They had them on the first shelf of the wall. I actually ended up snagging some faves that were not participating in RSD, but they were half off (ya!) I got Angel Olsen live at Pickathon as well as Lucinda Williams “Blessed” double LP 😀 I am so pumped by these two (bonus) records.

*I am listening to the Lucinda Williams as I write this post*

RSD pics (8)

I only had to find one more from my list for what was released for the day. I was still keeping my eyes peeled for John Paul White’s single. His style is so comforting to listen to, and I just couldn’t miss getting his release. The first store did not receive this record in their shipment, but I was determined to find it here. As the line continued weaving and I hadn’t found it, I was starting to get worried. I asked one of the workers if they still had any of it left, and he went to grab it for me! It was the nicest thing 🙂

RSD pics (7)


Record Store Day was an overall success for both my dad and myself – he only had two that were already sold out by the time we arrived, and I got all the ones I came out to get. I also have some free CDs and a record given by the second store in a grab bag as you entered the line, which should be fun. I am always open to new music, hence listening to All Songs Considered. To reiterate, it was a great music morning!

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