Feeling the force of the Fitbit

A lot of working out can be psychological, and setting goals for yourself often assists in the accountability needed for achievement. I enjoy going on walks around where I live, but never really took it on as exercise – it was simply nice to get outside everyday! With the weather slowly becoming warmer, I want to get out of the apartment and take longer walks – instead of going to the gym where I would also be stuck inside. Listening to music or a podcast while I walk allows me to become immersed in my own mind and forget about any stresses that occurred in the work day. Longer podcasts also give me a sense of the timing for my walk and I know when to start heading back towards home. 

walking with podcasts.jpg

Recently, the act of counting steps has come back into the forefront with many people I interact with in my daily life. I remember it was quite a fad years ago when the Fitbit was created, but most had lost touch with them or continued their walking efforts less publicly. At the school I have been subbing at for almost a month now, the teachers started a “steps challenge,” in which I was not included. However, it still put the thought of steps in my mind often, since teachers were eating while walking through the building on their lunches to catch up on a “low” day. Not only was it in my face where I work, but some family friends came over who were all obsessed with reaching their goals. It got me thinking about how I never really notice what my average step count is, and I checked the Health app on my phone (which has become the more modern Fitbit) and it forced me to want to know how I was doing on a regular basis. I found myself feeling the draw to make the 10,000 steps goal, even without consciously setting it.

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Since I do not have my phone on me as I teach, I wanted to buy an actual Fitbit that I could clip on to my pants and not have to worry about accuracy or becoming more attached to my cell phone. That being said, I did put my phone in my pocket before it arrived, so I could start the week off with walking at least 10,000 steps every day. Since clipping it on, I have been less aware of only hitting the right number and then stopping, but rather focused on the act of walking. I simply stroll for about an hour some time after I get home from school. I have discovered that I usually walk around 4000 while at the school, and an hour of straight walking has made me at the goal or above. It is really interesting to simply enjoy a walk, but also know that I am working out at the same time and reaching a goal! There have been some days when I wasn’t even trying to go crazy on my steps, and the number has been above 10 by at least 1000 🙂 This past weekend though, i walked around one of the local rose gardens with a friend and had done Record Store Daywoo woot! – and my number was 17000!! I was very zonked afterwards, of course, and took a day off from reaching my goal (Sunday I was at about 5000).


I was talking to my dad and Nathan about how just buying a Fitbit or becoming more aware of the health app really draws you in to needing to get your steps. On days when I would rather stay home or the weather isn’t ideal for walking, I still hear the voice in the back head saying to get out for a walk. It helps that I love the time I get outside because I have been stuck in a classroom or school building for most of the day, except a 10 minute recess.






fitbit force

I did 12,900 today after an unintentionally long walk around the town! 

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