Chapter 4: Final four weeks

You finally meet Miss M. Like another teacher said, they only listen to her. You are glad it is only afternoons now. Your energy is running out with this class, and less time is necessary. There is still lots of testing mixed in with some of your afternoons. The vice principal comes in to help, rather than just an EA, which makes it simpler. But keeping their voices off when they start to finish is next to impossible.

Miss M and you start a system where they can earn a Cookie Compliment if they do well with you in the afternoons. You make notes for her on which students were behaving and not during each section of the time you are there. She talks to the students the next morning about the sheet and scolds the ones who were not listening. This definitely makes a bigger difference. There are still a few who don’t do their work, even for Miss M, so they are always on the misbehaving list. Afternoons go up and down with students being on task or goofing off and/or fighting. Some of the students are working with the counselor to help them calm down now.

You reach your final day. It is a full day because Miss M had a full for a field trip (and can’t go over 20 hours/week). The last day is hell. Apparently most of the school is dealing very rowdy students. It is only 9:00, and there are students up out of their seats grabbing each other and not doing their work. You take away letters from NOISE and ARGUE and lose recess minutes. THEY JUST WONT STOP TALKING! They get yelled at when support comes hours later to get them settled. More of them are ready to learn and be respectful. Only a few are still being rude. You are still just shocked by how bad they are being. It is the worst with you yet. On your lunch, you talk it out with other teachers. They have a guest teacher coming in after lunch, so you get a bit of a break. 1:00 They only need to do their homework and spelling before owing you some time (then going to recess 1:45). THEY JUST WON’T STOP TALKING! 2:10 Reading and answering questions: the final part of the day. you wait for them to grab textbooks and for them to quiet down. You make notes of who is listening and focused for Miss M.

Counting down until 3. 



You made it out alive!

2 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Final four weeks

  1. LOL…I can relate to those kind of days. I never counted down to summer in class b/c there were always some kids that school was their safe haven and comfortable place to be, so I didn’t want those few to think I anxiously wanted to ‘get rid of them’. But..that didn’t stop me from personally counting down to summer time! 🙂 You…WILL…make…it!

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