The case of the squished shirt *SOL Tuesday*

This post is inspired by the “Who ate these treats?” video. Hope you enjoy the silliness to the mystery!

So yesterday afternoon, I noticed that a folded shirt from my laundry had been stepped on. Since I didn’t see what happened, the case of figuring out who the culprit was needed to be solved..

caught red-pawed

I took it upon myself to check the 3 residents of the apartment (Nathan, myself, and Patches).  

Nathan’s shoe looked too big and doesn’t have the right imprint.

I don’t remember accidentally stepping on my clothes before I left, but might as well check my boots.

It’s almost a match due to the two indents of the sole and heel. But not sure…

I told Patch not to sit on the clothes when I was out, and he usually listens. But everyone who lives here must be checked!

*GASP!* “Patchy, your paw is a perfect match – how could you sit on my folded shirt?



8 thoughts on “The case of the squished shirt *SOL Tuesday*

  1. Ha! Our mysteries are pretty simple around here… the dog is the trouble maker! I had to read your post, because I just wrote about my crazy dog. 🙂 I think I need to make my next dog post into a mystery story though. 🙂

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