Top 12 Songs for April!

I know it’s a little late (as it almost halfway into May) – BUT the list isn’t made until close to the end of that month. I am loving listening to these songs on my phone! It is time to share April’s Top 12 with you all 🙂

I have decided to slowly reveal the songs based on how I listened to them, and knew they had to be in playlist.

Many from podcasts this month (All Songs Considered/Sound Opinions)

– “Bourgeous King” by Andrew Combs 

– “Sleep when dead” by A Giant Dog

– “Mythological Beauty” by Big Thief

– “Watery Sheds” by Elf Power

– “Runaway” by Self


A few revisited songs (thanks to shuffle)

– “Muddy Waters” by LP

– “Tell Me” by Corinne Bailey Rae


AND from various parts of my life (like TV shows, records, or concerts)

– “Hype” by Sara and Tegan *own record!*

– “Take it Easy” by Greg Laswell *own record!*

– “In my room” by Jacob Collier *Saw in concert!*

– “Criss Cross” by Thelonious Monk *rediscovered after Record Store Day*

– “Far far away” by Herizen Guardiola *TV-> The Get Down*


Hope you enjoy my top 12 songs for April! There is a music menu on the side of my blog (which changes monthly) where you can listen as well 🙂

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