Fantastic food finds!

Every month when buying groceries, I start with picking the dinners I plan to make. Sometimes, I rotate previous meals I have cooked as well as try and look for new yummy dishes. Some of the delicious things i discovered recently was a pasta salad dish with smoked turkey, asparagus and nuts (dressed with oil and vinegar); as well as a warm salmon spinach salad with lemon juice; and fish sticks covered in corn flake crumbs! I will definItely be adding those meals into the rotating recipes.

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The flavors in the pasta salad were so unique with the smokiness of the turkey and the salty nuts and asparagus – and it was quick to make since you only had to cook the pasta and asparagus for about 10 minutes, then add the other ingredients 😮 I just made the fish sticks last night for dinner, and the actual process makes it an exciting dish! You chop up the fish into bite size pieces then crush the corn flakes into crumbs with parmesan cheese. You dip the fish into an egg and milk coating before putting them in a bag with the crumbs and shaking them all up! It is the classic Shake-and-bake, but in a more “up-scale” way because you have to prep the ingredients and make the crumbs 🙂 The warm salmon spinach salad tastes light, healthy, and refreshing but is also very filling. It was also a simple dinner to put together (just frying the spinach and baking the salmon) – I added frozen vegetables to the salad as well for an extra source of vitamins.

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The cookbooks I use (Student Cookbook, Quick & Easy cookbook, the Costco recipe book, and a new one – “healthy…”) are great for finding tasty food for dinners because they help me discover interesting recipes that don’t take too long to create. Often after a long work day, it can be difficult to want to take a long time cooking dinner. So picking things that take at most 30 minutes with prep and cook time are amazing for me! I am glad to have found some delicious dinner options this past month.

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5 thoughts on “Fantastic food finds!

  1. I LOVE looking through cookbooks and meal planning. We typically make a meal plan for the week before we go grocery shopping then we don’t over buy and only need to go shopping once a week.

    I am going to have to look into these cookbooks you mentioned!

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      1. Wow that must be an epic grocery shop if you do it a month at a time!

        My favourite at the moment is veganomicon. I am a vegetarian so I add cheese to pretty much every recipe in there. I also use a lot because they have so many easy to make and delicious recipes! I hop eyou find something yummy in them!

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