I is intellectual

This is in response to The Daily Post’s prompt to the word “Blossom”

I have been listening to PODCASTS for about two years now, and enjoy finding new ones to keep my interest. The first few shows that I subscribed to were more for entertainment, like “Welcome to Nightvale” and “Serial” – they sucked me in to the compelling worlds and cases, but they were for easy listening. My podcast shows eventually grew to include “All songs considered” (which I am still an avid listener!) as well as “Reply All.” However, in the past few months, I have wanted podcasts that taught me information, like science or politics. After trying out a few and losing interest, I did find some that made the cut!

Currently, my podcasts include:

– “Stuff you should know” (talk about various topics from Tardigrades to itching)

All songs considered” (great Indie music)

“Stuff mom never told you” (topics from benevolent sexism to women’s hair)

“Hidden brain” (topics from police bias to coincidence)

“How I built this” (discussions with entrepreneurs for Toms, Five Guys, others)

“Criminal” (interesting crimes from the past)

“World Cafe” (great interviews with bands)

“Welcome to Nightvale” (short episodes of a fun world)

“Rabbits” (following a journalist trying to discover how her friend disappeared)

After trying on a dress that made me look very “adult” (my age), I thought about how recently my podcasts, outfits, and conversations are becoming more mature. I have blossomed into a well-rounded young woman!

For some reason, the phrase “I is intellectual” came into mind when thinking of a title and I connected it with The Help “you is kind. you is smart. you is important.” – which is a great mantra to live by 🙂


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