Projects or Paper?

Written in response to The Daily Post Prompt “paper.” 

A teacher can be defined by how they conduct their classroom. Are you a “paper pusher” with tons of worksheets, or does paper only touch your students when they are creating projects or finding their love for writing? Paper is such a basic necessity, however, it does not need to become the default of methodology. Students can grow from learning with one another and through conversation about problems. Of course, rote facts are important and a worksheet would seem like the easiest way to practice – but thanks to Pinterest and teacherspayteachers and one’s Ian creativity, there is an immense list of alternatives with games and movement 🙂

I am determined to be a teacher full of hands-on ways for my students to learn from each other – and put paper on the back burner by incorporating technology for starters!

2 thoughts on “Projects or Paper?

  1. I would consider whiteboards for warm ups as well! Engaging , great formative assessment and paperless….check out miss 5th on tpt for great labels for the markers.

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