Had it with the Heat

Written in response to The Daily Post Prompt “Cringe”

For the past few days, it has been 95-100 degrees..! As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I love going for walks to clear my head and get my 10,000 steps in – BUT when the minute you get out the door, you start sweating and get lightheaded 😮 There is no way I would attempt to walk farther than the grocery store (which is about one block). I am currently hiding in my apartment with the blinds drawn and both ceiling fans on full blast, as I don’t have air conditioning.

I think my step count has been at most 5000 over this weekend combined! However, heat doesn’t make me as hungry and I drink a lot more water, so I feel like I am staying healthy even though I’m not moving around much. The few times that I have gone out to walk to my car, I have cringed at my decision and regret it until I can turn the AC on once I reach my van. I’ll be ready for a high of 75 in a few days!

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