Bare walls and Boxes (STEP 1)

Moving always come with mixed emotions – excitement for the change up ahead, but also sentiment for the memories made. Patches, Nathan, and I will be driving across state lines in a little over a month..! I wanted to write “TWO MONTHS” but it isn’t that long until we start a new chapter 😮 It will be an exciting time for both of us because he will be scoring more films in grad school, and I will be teaching with my first legit elementary job!! Patches should settle in nicely as he hasn’t seemed to mind where we live, as long as there are lots of windows and I am home often. We will be living with my sister in a much bigger apartment with a pool and a view of the city 🙂 Must stop now though..That story is for a later post in August.



Step One has been completed (mostly) with taking everything off the walls and packing up our lives into small, MEDium, and a few LARGE boxes. We are officially moving out later this week; however, with working during the day (or evenings for Nathan), it was important to get most of the packing complete on the weekend when we had more time. It always seems strange when you are still staying in your apartment, but everything is in boxes around you. It makes the whole change seem surreal and you are flooded with all the memories you made while you stayed there. I have been very slowly making a scrapbook about Nathan and me living together – I’ve organized pictures into folders on my computer through March but haven’t printed it all out yet..and have to compile April-June! Anyway, that’s also for another post 😉 But I liked the idea of keeping memories in a scrapbook because there are so many little things that get forgotten over the years, and having an easy way to reminisce is useful.

In a few days, I will write about the move from my apartment to our temporary home of my parents (“Moving On”) as well as document the long road trip in August (“On the Move”). There are quite a few things to finish before moving out, like packing the last few things and cancelling automatic bills etc. As I sit here writing my post, my eyes keep catching the bare walls and boxes all around.

5 thoughts on “Bare walls and Boxes (STEP 1)

  1. Hannah ~ So very happy for your next Chapter of Life!! Congratulations on your 5th grade teaching assignment, a new home, and a wonderful summer vacation to Ben’s Wedding and Rome. So much to do, so little time.

    Please come for a swim and barbecue when you settle into you new apartment and need or want a day off. Bring Nathan and Helen, too!!

    Safe travels, Sweet Dreams and Cheers to you next adventure in life!!


  2. Good luck with your move! We just moved ourselves with 2 cats. It took awhile for them to adjust, but we are all doing well now. All the best to you! Thanks for visiting my blog so I could visit yours!


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