June Jams

As June has come to a blurry end, I had the fun task of deciding which songs made the cut for Top 12 of the month! There were about 14 with double stars, 6 with one star, and 3 that were likeable. I cut one double star song out pretty quickly after listening to it again (sometimes songs heard off a podcast hit me, but then later, they don’t receive the same reaction) – SO all but one song from the 13 left made it, which meant that I am extremely happy about June’s tunes 🙂

East St Louis Toodle-oo Duke Ellington

The Fog Overcoats (EPIC)

Velours Anomalie (intro cred goes to Nathan)

Dont you worry bout a thing Jacob Collier (Nathan’s fave)

Heaven I know Gordi (love her!)

Betty dreams of green men Guerilla Toss

Soteria Mt. Wolf

Old Friends Pinegrove (such pretty songs!)

Alive Sia (another great anthem)

Weep themselves to sleep Jack White

Cheese eye Shugo Tokumaru

Supercut Lorde

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