Joyful about JOB!

Since I have officially received the New HIre paperwork and signed the contract, I think it is time to announce that I have a teaching job for the Fall! I will be teaching fifth grade at a private school in the heart of the town where Nathan and I will be moving soon – the other grade teachers seem well-suited for me, They want to do “vinyl Fridays” as well as play music on their record players regularly to allow their students to hear the classics! I mean, can we get any more like me?! They are also open to engaging activities with the students and incorporating long division back into the curriculum (children cannot be learning new ways, like the area model, if they don’t understand how to do the standard algorithm). We connected over the Skype interview and I am glad that they felt the same wonderful vibe from me! I have training in August, in which I can meet the teachers and other staff in person, and then school starts the first week of September 😮

I need to slowly take in my Europe trip (which is only just beginning!) and then the last weeks with Nathan in his home state (but also my home for over 5 years!) Life moves too quickly, and I am very excited about the changes to come; however, also need to make sure that the moments and memories made prior do not wash away in the haze of giddy stress..

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