Pasta, wine, and teatime!

What is it about food from foreign countries that just makes it taste better?! I have become a foodie in my adulthood and love great tasting food of all kinds as well as am growing a stronger palette for wine (only whites or rose!) My friend and I have made eating and drinking wine an essential part of our trip to Italia, which is happening in just less than a week 😀


Since I was lucky enough to travel to London many times as a child, there are certain foods I am looking forward to (99s, which is vanilla ice cream with a chocolate flake, in particular ha) There is something about soft serve from the English seaside..the creaminess of the vanilla and the delicious crumble of the flake is mouth-watering! And Italy is known for the fresh (as in hand-made) pasta and bread – if you need to understand anything about my eating habits, pasta has always been a strict component. When I was younger, macaroni and cheese, whether it was out of a box or made from “scratch”, became my go-to order at restaurants that were too “complicated” ha. NOW I am much more open to having an adventure while I eat a meal!

I am sure there will be many pictures of food and wine around Europe that I will love to share with the blogging world! Looking forward to filling my stomach often ha. I have already grabbed snacks from the Premium Economy stash since they gave us dinner not even an hour in to our 10 hour flight…shame on them. But the snacks were pretty good and they will be serving breakfast in a few more hours (got to get my body used to the time change and why not do it with food..!)

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