Moving on (Step 2)

Sorry this is a little late in the moving game – it was on Thursday and Friday of last week – BUT I am actually writing this in the dark on a plane to London! I think it is safe to say, it has been a very busy few days and long weekend for the holiday 😮 Anyway, Nathan and I are officially moved out of our little apartment (can’t believe our first six months living together is done!) As moving goes, it wasn’t too rough. Of course, some things were stressful, like going to pick up the truck before the movers arrive to help out as well as just the unsettling feeling that comes with waiting for it all to be finished. The mover men took a bit longer than I had thought and hoped, but they were still much faster and more efficient than “regular” people like myself. The unloading of the truck always amazes me! Since it is all just going in to storage (thanks to my parents and their garage!), they load four or five boxes onto a dolly and plop them where we say. This move had some extra arranging of things for our longer trip in about a month (insert shock here) and we gave some old furniture away,


Now, cleaning the next day was exhausting because we still weren’t done with the whole process of moving,,! Nathan and I did well at separating out the jobs to be done (the floors, bathroom which has the toilet/shower/washer, fridge, counters, sink, oven, and the list just seems to go on) After about FOUR HOURS, the place was in the best condition we could do – bathroom and oven are never enough for full deposit back…gr. To celebrate and reminisce, we went to the restaurant we first ate at in the neighborhood and then to a local show 🙂


While I type on the airplane tray, Nathan is out celebrating the fourth with friends and is taking care of Patches and cousins (Jack, Scooter, Bear), I will be blogging during my vacation in Europe about my human cousin’s wedding and fun times in the cities full of beautiful history!

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