Kindness of kids (Slice of Life Tuesday)

On my last night in Italy, I witnessed a truly sweet act of kindness. While at dinner, a young boy dropped his toy into the rain gutter. Almost instantly, two other boys came running up and saw what had happened. They got a waiter’s attention and started coming up with a strategy! Being mini scientists, they got some tape from inside the restaurant and a long stick to try and grab the toy (which was visible at the bottom). 

I just loved how quickly the children banded together to help a younger boy. It really touched my heart as a teacher to see them all problem solve for someone they didn’t even know 🙂 Since my hands were small, I helped to grab it towards the top of the grate – but it was definitely the other boys who saved the night for the distraught youngster. 

4 thoughts on “Kindness of kids (Slice of Life Tuesday)

  1. Oh the simple joys of life. These are the travel stories that stay with you for a lifetime!! Loved your travel updates, so thank you for sharing. 💜

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