Music manages my mood

This post was inspired by one from my other blog Newteachrtips – I have made some edits (but music will always be a big part of my life!)

Music is a primary mantra for putting me in a positive mindset. I see the benefits of relaxing by listening to music and/or having a good sing-along 🙂 My favorite music-related podcasts are All Songs Considered and World Cafe because they introduced me to great artists such as Margaret Glaspy, Thor & friends, and tons more. If you enjoy Indie music, then definitely listen in. While on the plane yesterday after my trip to Europe, I put on some tunes and was instantly bopping my head and smiling.

Listening to songs is probably so influential for me because my dad has records or playlists on throughout the day, and it subconsciously reminds me of good memories back home with family. Hearing a good beat and lyrics keeps my stress level down by filling my mind with the words and forcing me to hum it throughout my day.

I want to be the kind of teacher who plays music in the background while students are writing or reading. It is a very calming experience and can help spark creativity. My grade team at the new job (eek! exciting) mentioned that they will be incorporating music into their classroom environments, which is part of the reason we bonded! They want to introduce the “classics” to their young students and encourage them to understand why the music is great. I love this idea as well! Music tastes and styles change from generation to generation, and it is important to bring forward the truly influential musicians.

What are your favorite songs or artists? (Please leave a comment below!)


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