July Top 12 Tunes

PHEW, July 2017 was quite a month! With travelling and moving (still no fully done), there have been many memories. I am always surrounding myself with songs either on my phone while driving, listening to my vinyl, or on podcasts like All Songs Considered. Just as a refresher for new followers, I started doing Top 12 music playlists each month about a year ago – since music is a huge part of my days, having the lists brings back events that happened in May, for example. I write down songs I like as I listen to them, and then narrow the list to my favorite 12 that I do not think are substandard in any way 🙂

This playlist for July is about half from my own music and half new ones I discovered throughout the month! You can enjoy the songs on the music widget (on the right side); July is the FIRST 12 and June the next.


Ocean – Ninet Tayeb

String reprise – Leonard Cohen

Up the Ladder – Herizen Guardiola (I can’t upload the MP3 into the music sidebar)

What I got – Sublime

You’ll find a way – Santigold

Cherry Blossoms – Ala.ni

Only a Child – Gracie and Rachel

Boyish – Hippocampus

1 Billion Dogs – Jay Som

Fell in Love with a Boy – Joss Stone

Pretty Babies – Karen Elson

Come on Dreamer – Tom Adams

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