REBLOG: It Ain’t All Physical

I love the three things that exercise helps with “social interaction, reducing areas, and promotes cardiovascular health” – these are very important to remember when you are starting to workout on a daily or weekly basis 🙂


Nowadays a lot of people are concerned with external results and physical changes in their body to determine the worthiness of a specific exercise or nutrition program. While those things are nice to notice a regular practicioner understands that “It ain’t all physical.” There are many other benefits that coincide with adopting a new routine towards health.

Exercise promotes social interaction

Gyms, studios, parks, etc., are all examples of places that you may go to exercise and also where you can meet alot of people. It’s tough to be exposed to the amount of opportunities you’ll find in these places by sitting on your couch.

Exercise has also been shown to improve self-confidence which helps you capitalize on those opportunities and meet new friends!

Exercise promotes cardiovascular health

Exercising can help increase energy levels and build stronger heart and lungs. Okay this one may be a little more physical, but…

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