Dessert disappointment

Don’t you hate it when something looks so appetizing, but tastes mediocre?

I was tempted by my eyes when buying cake tonight after dinner. This tiered mini cake looked so cute and yummy – with the chocolate on the outside and vanilla cake within… However, the chocolate frosting is more like ganache and doesn’t have much flavor. And unfortunately, the cake is too sweet and somewhat sticky.

I am a HUGE lover of cake and it always saddens me when cake does not taste the way I like it. There have been some birthdays I’ve attended where the cake had similar issues. Sometimes, the frosting is more like a fondant (not the texture I enjoy). Even though it wasn’t too my liking, I ended up eating about half of it because I bought it..*sigh*

My sister and I had a similar experience in London. Unicorn cakes are starting to become a fad where she lives, and there was a cake in Harrods that was rainbow with a unicorn horn on it. We paid quite a lot for it (because it’s a fancy shop), and it was very underwhelming! The frosting was flavorless and the cake was too sweet. A very similar type of cake to the one I partially ate tonight.

Image result for unicorn cake slice

Frosting is more difficult to make, and some people do enjoy fondant icing – but an oversweet or flavorless cake is just irritating. Cake is a very basic recipe that is altered based on the flavor. Bad cake is “an annoying thing,” and therefore, qualifies as a pest for me. It appears when I am really craving good dessert and won’t leave me alone until I taste it.

What bad desserts have you eaten? I would love to hear in the comments


2 thoughts on “Dessert disappointment

  1. It was some type of cake I got from the bakery. The way they made it sound it had my mouth watering. Oh but when I got home it was the worst thing ever it was wet but crunchy not in a good way.

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