Seconds feel like hours

“He’s run off with something!” 

“There is nothing in his mouth”

*cough* *cough* 

“Ohmygosh he’s choking!”

“I can’t see anything in his mouth…”

“…But I feel something papery”

“I’m going to try to get it out with CPR techniques. It is getting pushed further down his throat by my finger, so I’ll try to make him vomit or burp”

After what felt like hours, my dog’s throat was clear. He got up and walked away. 

I’ve never used my CPR training before, but using it on a small dog was no different. And I did immediately go in to the rhythm of the steps. I first felt for a blockage and found that it was partially blocked. Since he was a smaller creature, I pushed his stomach gently and checked for the blockage every so often. Eventually, his airway was clear and he was ok! I am so glad that I learn CPR and was able to do it when crisis arose. 

Written in response to The Daily Post Prompt Hidden  

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