Squished between stress and smiles

Now that we have moved across state lines, the fact that I start my job officially in a month is starting to sink in! I have staff training next week and it goes until Labor Day (then first day of classes :o) I am full of all kinds of emotions – mostly internal stress at the moment. I have never had a “legit” teaching job or an elementary school to call my own. I dabbled in substituting and daycare, but haven’t had to plan curriculum or teach lessons or have students that will know me as their teacher.

When I was filling out the New Hire paperwork a few weeks ago, it started to feel real (but that had more excitement attached to it). As I am writing this, my stomach is twitching and my brain is going about 100 miles an hour.. Now that my unpacking is pretty much done;SUCCESS; the real reason why I have moved here can come to the forefront.


Starts in September with students’ shimmering smiles

Can’t get rid of the nerves

Hard transition but can be handled

Organizing with coteachers

On the border of stress and relief

Look out school, here I come



20 thoughts on “Squished between stress and smiles

  1. 😉You Can Do It!!!😁

    Hope your students are fabulous and arrive with a love for learning.

    Very confident in you ~ Enjoy soaring to new heights. 👩‍🏫

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  2. The beginning of everything is always demanding new job, new marriage, new building, new environment, etc. Only want thing that can reduce the stress is the Scout Slogan, “Be Prepared Always.” Nonetheless, teamwork can help you out, as you’ve already known that and you have sought it appropriate quarters, you’ll soon put the stress behind you. Best wishes!

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