The Journey..

Drum roll please! …. 

We have moved across state lines! 

Hannah has told me she will be writing a post about her trip with Nathan in the car soon. 

BUT this is about me!

My journey in the car started off pretty terribly. In the picture below, I am inside that little blue box..*HISS*

But Hannah got the hint when they stopped for some food, and I spent the rest of the journey like this 🙂 

I was constantly putting my head up to see if we were still moving, and we always were..! Until finally, they shoved me back in that blue box and I was in a room under its bed in no time. I was let out after sleeping for a night and have found a few great spots 🙂

Nathan and Hannah brought up those brown things that make a maze for me to walk through, and started putting more things that smell like me around the place. One issue – There is another smaller feline who must think I am a bird..?Whenever we are both out together, she wiggles and pounces on me viciously..

Overall, I am enjoying Hannah’s room and the various windows to sit at. I have never had a view quite like this!

7 thoughts on “The Journey..

  1. Paladin the cheetah here:
    You are one pretty cat! I am glad you are enjoying your new place and it does look like you have a wonderful view. I told my co-writer,Michael,to follow your blog so we’ll be back….

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