Sitting = the ultimate butt exercise?

Do you like squats? I am big into pushing myself with squats and trying to do them for a whole song! After our 14 hour drive across the state (..ugh!), my butt was so sore. I think going up and down winding mountains caused me to tense up my legs and booty because it felt like I had done a really intense workout 😮 During the last few hours especially, I thought I completed cardio for 3 hours with non-stop burpees and squats!

I know a main staple of working out is moving around, but there might be something with driving for a long time as well? You are focusing only on the leg that is pushing the pedals and that half of your butt; however, if you can alternate somehow, I think it could be a great muscle strengthener. Who knew you didn’t even have to amble down the street to get some exercise? #workoutfromhome 😉

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