Started from the bottom, now we’re here! (Slice of Life)

Nathan and I completed driving across state lines a few days ago!! Patches already beat me to the punch with this one – damn his nocturnal ways :p Anyway, here is the 411 of our trip..

A few hours after the sunrise on Thursday morning, I began my first driving shift of the 14 hour day. I had some podcast episodes in mind for the beginning – they put the mood on an amazing note! We listened to Sound Opinions’ “Musical road trip” and Top Four’s ” Summer songs.” There were songs perfect for driving across the country, and some about our soon-to-be home. We mainly listened to music after these two episodes, and just kept on trucking.

Nathan’s shift came up pretty quickly after we grabbed some lunch – and we had crossed the state border hours before!! I had forgotten that most of the drive was out of state. This is also when Patches let us know he was done being in his cage. He did great, just sitting on my lap and sleeping 🙂

We began this middle section by listening to a HIP HOP podcast called “Mogul: the life and death of Chris Lighty” – this was very cool! And we turned up the radio during the long stretches of farm life. As the sun set behind us, it was time to gas up and for me to get us over the last stretch!

Ugh..those treacherous mountains. How cars weave and swerve wherever (and how fast) they want. There was also so much construction and creating one-lane traffic that it took us ages to go 68 miles..! When we finally arrived and met my sister, we were both leaping out of the car and collapsing on the couch.

Image result for we made it gif

We have been at our new apartment since the weekend, and we are truly letting it all soak in. The first day was full of errands and getting to know the area. Then, we unpacked our things and decorated a bit.

Today, Nathan is fully in his element practicing music and preparing for grad school..yay! I relaxed by the pool (yes we have a pool :D) with my book, blogged, and stocked up the fridge.

I can’t believe life is coming together! Patches is loving his time here in my our room and out in the living room – hopefully, him and Kitten will become besties sooner rather than later. We have a few more weeks until school training and music tests are thrown at us – wish us the best!

12 thoughts on “Started from the bottom, now we’re here! (Slice of Life)

  1. Wishing you The Best!!!! If you feel like a hike in the canyon or checking out your old stomping grounds, give us a call would love to see you guys.

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