(Work Wed.) The World of writing!

We had a writing workshop this week and learned all about Lucy Calkins’ curriculum – it was interesting and mostly things I didn’t know. I took a course about Lucy Calkins, but never fully used her curriculum. I am excited to have the students start writing, and learn about their personalities while pushing them to do more!

Writing for me is a way to destress, express myself, have FUN, and record my thoughts in a meaningful way. As a teacher, I strive for all my children to grow in creativity and style as well as basic structures.

This workshop was led by an amazing presenter who involved us in the curriculum books and interactive read-alouds 🙂 I learn best by doing and seeing – so she was perfect for my needs. I loved the ending, in which we took on a strategy as if we were students and started to write a story. I plan to expand it with the students and let them help edit my piece.

(The prompt was to think of your favorite place and a memory that happened there) – mine was my childhood playroom and when my puppy fell asleep in the dollhouse. It is a work in progress and I’ll show it when it’s more presentable 😮

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