(Caturday) We want weekends!


As cat owners (and also dogs), you have probably realized that your lovely animal doesn’t understand WEEKENDS – they still wake you up at 6 or 7 AM wanting food or to be let outside…What’s that all about? 

As humans, we think they should be able to distinguish between the five days of the week we go to work and the two days we usually stay home more and sleep in. BUT if you routinely feed/walk your pet before work, they get used to eating early in the mornings. Their little stomachs don’t know what day it is; they just tell when it’s hungry (which is usually the same time every day). 

The “best” thing about your pet not having an internal day clock is that they get confused if the routine changes – last weekend, Patches was unsure why I got back in to bedafter  feeding him breakfast. He was actually kind of irritated ha! I normally get up, give him food, and leave for work..which means he can snuggle in to where I was on the bed and nap. However, last Saturday, I didn’t go to work (big surprise!) and he would not move over in the bed 😮

I love Patches to death and it’s fine that he needs food at the same time every day – I might lay with him for a bit and then get up on the weekends, or sometimes I can go back to sleep. 

*Right now, HE went back to bed (after waking me up) and I got up at 8:00 (not by choice) to shower* 

  • Does your pet know the sleep expectations on weekends better than Patches? (Or can you not dignify that with a response?!)

13 thoughts on “(Caturday) We want weekends!

  1. My cheetah wakes me up for both treats and then fresh water,he has water in a bowl but he likes the water in the bathroom sink. Since he is a CHEETAH,I don’t argue.
    With the weather slowly turning,he has taken to sleeping on the bed again and is waiting for the big comforter to come out….

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