Favorite Find: Ala.ni

This week, I am sharing my second Favorite Find artist (also discovered on a podcast but a different one than Brother Ali). All Songs Considered played one of this artist’s gorgeous songs, Cherry Blossoms, and I was just blown away! Her name is Ala.ni and she sings the most beautiful old-fashioned slow songs. The singing voice is reminiscent of older blues singers, such as Billy Holiday or Judy Garland. According to an article I read, her uncle, who was a cabaret singer from the 1940s, influenced her musical style.

I enjoy listening to her whole album, “You and I”, because it is a breath of relaxation in the rhythms, tone of voice, and lyrics. Something about the old-timey sense from her singing just puts me in a club from the 50s (or even earlier). It is really sensational how powerful and unique her voice is! Roses and wine made my jaw drop – a must listen in my book! (*fyi-> explicit word in middle*) Her new release is full of despair, belonging, as well as romance. The lyrics are like poetry because I can visualize every part as she sings, which allows me to daydream and destress. They also really tell a story, which many artists in the 20th century no longer do. I pasted some of the choruses from a few songs below.

Ol’ fashioned kiss

Caress me in the park
Smooch me up in a taxi
And those lingering hugs
You got me in paradise​​​​​​​

Memories of You

The night is cold without you to hold me
The streets are full of strangers I can’t see
I want to live in all of my memories of you

To the river

But I could be an Eskimo
Sleep in coat, out in the snow
Even they find a nose to kiss
Have no care ’bout the clothes you wear
If your feet are bare, just keep on dancing
I felt my way to the river, babe
In the silence of the night, it came to me


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