Energizing exercises

This Sunday, I started a 30 day yoga challenge on Youtube! After doing a 5k on Saturday, I felt invigorated to keep my muscles, mind, and body engaged. I modified the challenge a little bit to match my schedule and tight shoulders/neck – I am doing it every other day (and will simply repeat it when the 30 days are up). I have done two warm-up based days and afterwards, I definitely feel more zen and focused 🙂 Just doing deep breaths while holding each pose really clears your head of whatever you were stressing over!

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The first day felt very nice because it was an “easing into it” day (the instructor’s words), which meant lots of curving and arching your back as well as waking up your muscles and tight spots. Day 2 (tonight) involved more stretches and core work; however, I pushed myself not to modify too much since this isn’t my first try of yoga. All last year and even at the beginning of this year, I was doing Pilates or yoga every other evening after work. It has been about 4 months since the last time, but my body is quickly getting back in the rhythm. Having a consistent routine to follow will keep me in check, and I am actually wanting to do yoga for my tight muscles/joints as well as a de-stressor.

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