What’s new with WORK?

I realized that I haven’t posted about work since middle of September 😮 I am not purposely doing this, but on Wednesdays, I am particularly exhausted because the week in halfway complete. And I often forget to blog since I am relaxing or falling asleep pretty soon after getting home and having dinner!

I wanted to give you all an update on how my job is going! This first month has been great 🙂 I am in the routine of teaching grammar and vocabulary twice a week while also organizing the electronic family newsletter that goes home. I have used sentence competitions, conjunction songs and projects, as well as online games to engage the students. (some ideas from other “genius” teachers off teacherspayteachers for some of the added activities) I was a bit overwhelmed at first by having to help both 5th grade teachers (and there are tougher days than others) – BUT I am feeling more on top of it and they show me how thankful they are every day!

Teaching is exhausting as well, of course..I don’t make it past 9:30 or 10 most evenings without my eyes closing (sometimes it’s even 9). But I get up before 6 am and have to be on my game all day for about 11 hours until I drive home. I love the kids and the school community, and wouldn’t change my profession!


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