Small but satisfying

Nathan and I went to this Italian restaurant near us that my sister said was pretty good – we decided to pick a few small plates and share because we felt tighter on cash.

Since Nathan is a vegetarian, we chose things he could eat that caught my attention too! We ordered beet salad, avocado toast (with a fried egg), and pesto gnocchi.

They were so delicious and rich in flavor! It was plenty of food – the salad and toast almost had me full, due to the amount of richness and healthy carbs we were consuming.


I’m pleased we found a great Italian place because there aren’t too many around anymore (with all the sushi, Thai, and fusion). Also, Italian usually involves a few different things based on the style of restaurant and location 🙂 

Hope your mouth has been watering or your stomach grumbling at the pictures and descriptions!

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