WORK WEDNESDAY! When Private goes Public

You might think teaching at a public school is insane, while private school educators enjoy their days with ease……… ?! Well, from experience, this is not necessarily true.

Yes public schools deal with more funding issues and often less guidance from families and teacher supervisors – however, in terms of the kids, there is still defiance at privates, just in different ways. Instead of having a book thrown at my head (yes that happened) or kids refusing to do work, they argue with you on answers because they need to be right and get that A. Kids will always be kids who bring in different backgrounds to the school, and as a teacher, you have to be ready for what they throw at you.

I am dedicated to coming up with strategies for management and making the classroom a positive learning place for all the students. It is the end of the second month and there are less issues than we started with in September. With reminders, the kids are getting better at not calling out and we are allowing certain talk-outs, if they are at appropriate times. I love the kids and my school and what I do 🙂 Teaching is part of my identity!

WHAT WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE IN SCHOOL? I would love to hear in the comments 🙂

2 thoughts on “WORK WEDNESDAY! When Private goes Public

  1. Hi Hannah, I’m also teaching kids and it’s interesting to read about some of your teaching experiences. At the beginning of the year, I also had a super-smart kid who questioned an answer. I went home, did a bit of research, shared the research with the class in the next class and earned his respect. I guess basically, I earned this student’s respect by treating his ideas and opinions with respect, which I try to do anyway with all my students. Hope you have a good day!


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