CATURDAY: Pawtastic Patches

MOW! It’s been a long time since Hannah has let me use the black box that puts words on the screen.. BUT since her blog involves more than just me (not sure why!), she is in control of when I get to “ryte”. 

Anyway, I am back and loving this new place we moved to! I can relax in the bedroom during the days, and wander around at night once Kitten (the terror) is put in her area. Hannah cuddles me when she is home 🙂 She has taken photos of me in different spots in the apartment, which I prefer best. Right now, I am enjoying my time in the sun out of the bedroom.



The only downside is that it is very hot..! Hannah turns on this loud machine that she says makes it colder, but I have to scream and can’t hear the shows Hannah watches when this is on. So I am often in a corner showing her how mad I am. After doing this, Hannah usually calms me down with pets and treats, and then carries me to the couch (where she turns up the TV so I can hear as well).

Ta-ta for now!

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