Suns out, guns out: Routine is Key

When trying to be consistent with a workout regime, routine is essential. If it is placed in your schedule that every Tuesday you go to the local gym or a class, your brain and body will adjust to exercising at that same time every week. 

I used to go to a few classes when I joined Crunch and I actually looked forward to doing them each week to de-stress. Or when I did Pilates every day after work, it felt strange if I didn’t do my video while dinner was cooking in the oven. Routine helps build consistency and comfort in your mind and body.

However, it can also work against you. You can also get in the routine of not going to the gym (after being sick for a while or canceling due to conflicts). To be honest, this is where I am at right now. My mind just does not want to put in the effort of changing into my working out clothes, or washing my hair twice if I plan to exercise after I already got ready for the day. It has become a chore, which is never the mentality you want when it comes to exercising. It should be fun!

But now that I am back to more normal schedule after school, I have it in my head that I will be working again starting this week. I am going to do yoga after eating dinner tonight, and then tomorrow I will go to apartment complex gym. The elliptical and music I listen to really helps keep me in a positive mindset! 

It is important to bring back my workout routine because I was doing so well when I first moved here – I was physically not able to go due to being out of town with the school or friends. I also asked for a membership to Bar Method classes for the upcoming holidays, so I can get back into the habit of going after work 🙂

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