Music Monday: Mellowing the Meows with Music :)

Patches can become anxious based on wanting food, loud noises, being shocked, among other things – but what I realized after driving with him to various apartments (long or small journeys) is that he enjoys calming tunes. If he was meowing constantly while in his crate, I would turn on the radio or my own music at low volume..he would become silent. I also know Nathan would sometimes sing to him in a soothing fashion while petting him.

patchy (14)

It interests me that Patch would react to music! I wasn’t sure if animals could really understand the frequencies of this kind of sound. However, when I am listening to rockier songs with more “going on”, it really sets him on edge (unless he is sound asleep). When I played Reggie Watts, his mood went back and forth based on the complexity behind the comedic tunes. Corinne Bailey Rae, and Florence and the Machine are right up Pappy’s alley for keeping him calm 😊

record player patch

Since I am such a fan of all kinds of music, I love humming or putting on some relaxing tunes if Patch is nervous. I also pet him calmly and whisper “Hush” since he is my little old man made of fluff. Patches is the BEST CAT I could have adopted – he brings me so much joy and tranquility with his demeanor. So I have to make sure to keep a calm composure in his presence, and music seems to do the trick.

7 thoughts on “Music Monday: Mellowing the Meows with Music :)

  1. My cat (of all people) told me to come read this blog entry. She was right, it’s good! I really need to get her her own Netbook. Anyway, it’s interesting what you say about music. I read about a study that measured responsiveness to music in animals – the dogs liked most music, the cats seemed indifferent. The researchers concluded that cats don’t respond to human music because of the frequencies involved.

    Now, as for my own research, Nezumi stays close to me when I’m playing guitar. She seems to like certain kinds of music. And roughly twenty years ago, I had two ducklings I was raising who liked Donovan! Cheers to you and your fluffy Old Man.

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    1. Glad your cat sent you my way! I didn’t know that dogs liked music – thanks for the insight. I think it depends on the cat and their comfort level for whether music truly affects them. That is very sweet that your kitty loves your guitar 🙂

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