Tell it all Tuesday: Laugh Out Loud Daily!

Last week, my mood was a bit low due to too much routine after work (coming home and watching tv until bed), as well as feeling a bit lonely. Once the weekend hit and I was still down in the dumps, I decided to hang out with friends and have some more exciting “me time” – I tried to go shopping but wasn’t really feeling it. I started a new book which helped a bit.. But mainly, It was when I found some hilarious podcasts that my mood shifted!

I listened to Comedy Bang Bang and Russel Brand Radio X, which are laugh out loud funny 🙂 I instantly felt happier and wanted to do more things on my own. I had the most productive day of painting my nails, baking cookies, doing laundry, reading for fun, completing a yoga video, and running errands. The podcasts became the background to my activities – they were on almost all of Sunday! I also watched some episodes of “The Simpsons” which I loved when I was younger, and it is as good as I remember 😮 

I had heard that the act of smiling wakes up the neurons in your brain that transmit happy thoughts and feelings to your body – HOWEVER, I didn’t think it actually worked. I now believe that “a good laugh heals a lot of hurts!”

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