It’s Throwback Thursday! REBLOG: Mountainous Plethora of Music and Podcasts DAY 19/31 March SOL

For Throwback Thursday this week, I opened the page of my posts and just scrolled until I had counted to 10 about 8 times. My thumb stopped on this one about PODCASTS!

 Most of what I wrote is still accurate (having too many things to listen to), but I have different podcasts on my phone than I did in March. It is important to change it up if the content or style becomes too familiar. I am also no longer listening to Apple Music (just some music podcasts and my own artists). Enjoy re-reading the post below 🙂 Please give comments on what you thought! 

  • Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorites?

Hannah's Happenings!

I have been listening to podcasts on my phone for a little over a year now, and I love it! I found some favorite podcasts, but am always looking for more. This past week, I added a bunch of new series including “How I Built This” and “Fresh Air” – some of my regular shows also came back from having a break, so I have WAY more than I can listen to at the moment! I always love the amount of choice from having lots of different topics, such as music vs. talk shows or politics.

HOWEVER, it can be quite overwhelming when I’m trying to catch up on them all. I often listen to my podcasts when I’m out driving and sometimes while doing housework. But it is usually only for about 30 minutes at a time. With the new ones plus the podcasts I already had, I probably…

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