Caturday: Furry Features!

Before the night is over, I need to share my blogging glory 🙂 Mom has made many catnections through the posts that I write – and recently, we were featured on two of our favorite kitty sites!

Katzenworldagreed to let us write for them, but I had no idea if they would enjoy the story Hannah wrote enough to actually post it. This blog is a well-renowned cat website with tons of authors, and we are among them (November 19)! The unfortunate event of running out of wet food became the inspiration to Hannah’s post.

AND…we were asked to write a review by another of our favorite cat blogs, Inner Circle – Paladin and I go way back for commenting on each other’s posts – it was an honor! We just finished watching “Mindhunter,” which sucked us in instantly, so it was natural to choose it for the post. Mom let me write the beginning (mow thoughts are more important) and my picture is front and center 🙂 Enjoy reading our shared post.

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