Bread Pudding Pride

I meant to write this yesterday evening for Food Friday, but ran out of time due to traffic after work (and running off to a film music concert with Nathan)

After Thanksgiving, we had so much leftover chopped bread that did not make it into the stuffing dish – “why not make bread pudding” came to my mind! I had never created it, but thought it couldn’t be too difficult and it would use up most of the bread, while being a delicious dessert.

I googled for a simple bread pudding recipe and bought the ingredients. *I also added chocolate chips*

The link above has about 3 steps..very easy! You mix the milk with sugar over heat and then whisk in the eggs once cooled. Last, pour over the bread and bake. I used a cupcake tin, so that they were many smaller bread puddings.

They turned out really well! Nathan and I ate them, as well as some teachers at my school who said they loved bread pudding – a few were tough to get out of the pan, but they mostly held their shape. They became scrumptious, gooey bread puddings 🙂

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