Mice on the Mind – or is there more?

Since I was young, I’ve loved animals and been interested in how they are similar to us. I have watched quite a few different documentaries on their instincts as well as Life of Mammals and Blue Planet multiple times. If science was more of a strong suit, I might’ve ended up a veterinarian.

Instead, I will just always have pets in my life! They are great company, add joy to somber moments, and love you unconditionally. I had two cats and a dog in most of my childhood (they passed away when I was 20 – the dog was 10 and the cats were 21). My parents have two other fluffy cats and a dog now, and I, of course, have Patches 🙂

Many people believe that domestic creatures have very low brain activity. However, I think there is more to their little minds – not saying they are geniuses, but they do have tendencies that match up with how humans do things. For example, cats and dogs showed what I conceive as stubbornness, anxiety, and fear. Through their meows/barks and movements, they are telling their owners that they are not comfortable with whatever the situation may be.

Earlier this month, I bought a magazine that was right up my alley (National Geographic: Inside Animal Minds). I haven’t had much time to delve into it fully, but after reading some of the sections, I found this quote below.

“when dogs and cats so adorably paddle their feet or snort while sleeping, they give every impression of dreaming…dreams are likely involved in sorting and consolidating memories” (National Geographic: Inside Animals Minds, p. 28) 

This shows that my darling Patches (aka Pappy and Patch) is subconsciously recalling his memories while he sleeps, which is pretty awesome! Happy Caturday 🙂

Does your pet show any human-like characteristics?

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