Music Monday: Silence of Sounds

Hello sunshine, my old friend

I’ve come to be with you again.

Because a song is repeating

While I walk without seeking

And my mood is altered while I walk around

With the silence of sounds 

(Altered from “Sounds of Silence” – Simon and Garfunkel)

Yesterday, I really needed to get outside to use up some energy – I used to go on walks all the time before I moved; listening to music or podcasts while I went. This time, I chose my October and November playlists because I love the tunes. Instantly, I felt more relaxed and made sure to stay in the rays of the sun to get healthy vitamin D! I meandered through my neighborhood on streets near other areas that I recognized so I wouldn’t get lost. It was a very beneficial stroll outside with beautiful songs 🙂 There was something surreal about having my headphones on that silenced all the sounds of the world around me.

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What helps you relax and quiet the busy world?

7 thoughts on “Music Monday: Silence of Sounds

  1. You’re reminding me that one of the reasons I’m feeling grouchy and out of sorts is because I haven’t been taking my “medicine.” I’ve cut down on exercise (darn that daylight savings!) and writing (darn those pesky report cards!). It’s time to make time for those two things and recenter myself a bit. Thanks for the reminder!

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  2. Such a true slice! Your phrase “silenced all the sounds” really stuck with me as I regularly walk our Golden Retriever, Leo. When taking him through our town center, I typically wear my headphones listening to a shuffled playlist to step into my own world. I never thought of the possibility of silencing all of the sounds around me to be able to do that. On the flip side, when walking him in New Hampshire, I rarely have earbuds in – perhaps I’m tuning in to the sounds of nature around me making its own music. Thanks for allowing me to reflect on this part of my life.

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