Body Yearning for Relief: Yoga Camp on YouTube (Day 1-> “I Accept”)

The last yoga 30-day challenge did not turn out the way I wanted – I started off doing every other day, but didn’t stick to it. I got through Day 7 and then just tapered off.

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I know that yoga is great for sore muscles, and I want and need to do it on a daily basis to keep my body strong and more relaxed. I decided to start blogging about my daily yoga experiences to keep myself more accountable, while also reflecting on how I feel each day.

I really enjoyed who led the first challenge! Her Youtube channel is Yoga with Adrienne, and after looking around for another set of videos, I found one called Yoga CampEach day has an affirmation to focus on, which is a bit corny for my taste, but I think it could really make a difference. DAY 1 was based on “I Accept” – you accept how your body feels today and you accept to take part fully. After saying this throughout the exercises, I really wanted to stick with it! If I do my shoulder and neck stretches as well as yoga every day, my body should become less tense and I can focus less on the aches and pains throughout my week.

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Today while completing Day 1 , I felt very sore but took deep breaths and listened to my body’s needs. I accepted the way it felt today, and accept to partake fully in this Yoga Camp! I will be writing posts, poems, or just updates with how I am doing with each new video.

I hope that it makes a difference in the overall flow of my muscles and body as a whole. When I was doing Pilates more often, I definitely felt better – I am instead trying yoga since I am very tight at the moment and don’t want to push too hard into Pilates’ strength building.

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Please read and comment on my daily yoga posts if it interests you 🙂 Also feel free to join the challenge as well! 

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