Frustration with Favorites

I have had trouble before cutting down the top songs of the month to 12, but this December list is the toughest..! I love all the songs that have two stars next to them (one star become the near misses) – there were 18 with two stars when I started looking at the list about an hour ago. A few songs I knew were never going to be cut, but with the rest (about 15 in this case :o), I listen to them on Youtube all the way through and pick the ones that instantly click in some way (singing along, smiling, getting excited with the memory). Almost all the 15 had an instant reaction, and I still had the 3 that were automatically in the list…*sigh*

Image result for grumpy cat music

It is great that I have been surrounded with so many great songs through podcasts, my records, songs from my dad, and shuffling my library; HOWEVER, it is easier when there are two-star tunes that I don’t like as much when I hear them again. I have gotten the playlist down to 13, and I am going to be disappointed by whichever song is pulled out. I just keep looking at each song name, and can’t get one where the feeling is “meh” if it were to become a near miss. I am going to let the songs sit for a bit, maybe until tomorrow morning, and then make a decision. WISH ME LUCK


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