Admiration for an Author

I just finished reading the last book in a trilogy I have loved called Wool by Hugh Howey!

If there is an author’s note at the end of a book I found interesting, I like to read them to find out more background information (with a historical fiction) or just the details behind the story’s concept. I would categorize this series as science fiction – there is a world created and futuristic ideas which really suck you in!

Hugh Howey’s note inspired me. It was written directly to the reader which they often are, but this was more conversational through connecting to how we should live and the kind of people we should be. (Not to get too political), BUT with everything happening in the world right now, the last two paragraphs in this note opened my eyes to a different outlook. Dust was published in 2013, however, Hugh’s notion for how to view the world resonates immensely today.

“Every story we read, every film we watch continues on in our imagination if we allow it. Characters live another day. They grow old and die. New ones are born. Challenges crop up and are dealt with. There is sadness, joy, triumph and failure. Where a story ends is nothing more than a snapshot in time, a brief flash of emotion, a pause. How it continues is up to us.”

“My only wish is that we leave room for hope. There is good and bad in all things. We find what we expect to find. We see what we expect to see. I have learned that if I tilt my head just right and squint, the world outside is beautiful. The future is bright. There are good things to come.”

(Hugh Howey, author of Wool trilogy)

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